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Monday, 4 April 2011

Cook Book!

Hey guys.

So today we went to town&I bought myself my own little cook book. It's called "Family Meals For a Fiver!" && its got so many yummy looking dishes in it! I'll need it for when I move out, so I had to get it. =D 

Also, I pre-ordered Harry Potter&The Deathly Hallows Part 1. It comes out on DVD next week, so I decided to pre-order it as it was cheaper then waiting&buying it when it came out, then paying more for it. Haha. I have the entire collection so I had to get the last one. && I can't wait for the last part of the second movie to come out in July, it's going to be absolutely amazing!

Now, I'm going to be nice&do some quotes. Because I love you guys. I'm going to do a couple of Lee Evans quotes. Because he is funny. First quote. "I love restaurants, & that's the thing now, they always boast about now, restaurants - home made cooking - I don't want home made cooking, that's why I'm here, 'cos I don't like the shit at home! Yeah... you know! && they don't say who's home it is, do they! Could be a mental home, couldn't it?!"  Haha. && the second quote. "I'm always all over the place, you know, you get these people that are like "Here, I was talking to her on monday - was it tuesday? - was it thurs-?" "WHO CARES! JUST TELL ME WHAT THEY FUCKING SAID!" I hate them fuckers! They say stuff like "Feels like a tuesday, does it feel like a tuesday? Yeah, feels like a tuesday." I don't know! How the fuck does tuesday feel? They're like "It's half past five but it only feels like twelve," fucking hell, do these people forget to go to bed because they already think they're asleep?"  Haha - got to love Lee Evans.

Now I'm going to do a fun fact about dolphins randomly.
© Copyright - I do NOT own this photo. I got it from here
A dolphins brain is bigger then a monkey's brain.

                                               Love you all! ❤
                                                    Dormy Saz 

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