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Saturday, 2 April 2011


Hey guys.

Going to advertise my blog again. Because, I want to get as many followers as possible so that I can get as much feedback as possible! Dormy's Challenge check it out please!! 

On another note. The weather is starting to improve again, which makes me happy. (=

I had a yummy fruit salad today too, which really hasn't helped my tummy, but ah well. OH AND! I ordered Eragon, Elder and Brisingr on ebay, and got all three for a grand total of £10.39 (= Great price right? So now just waiting for them to arrive. =D 

Anyway. I'll be nice and do a fun fact today. The fun fact can be about daffodils, randomly..
© Copyright - I am the owner and sole editor of this photo.
Daffodils are the first flower to rise through the snowy ground, signifying the coming of Spring - a natural time for new birth and renewal.

                                             Love you all! ❤
                                                 Dormy Saz

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