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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hello Weekend!

Hey guys! 

So, it's Saturday, and I'm still at my nana's! Haha. It's not the nicest weather out at the moment.. It's all cloudy and horrible. But ah well, I'm inside in the warm and nice and toasty. (= I've been making pom poms! Which are very fun to make, and they are so pretty. (= When I finish them all I'll put a picture up, tomorrow probably. ^_^ 

I'm listening to some good ol' music while I type this up, and I love it! I have to listen to music a lot.. It's my passion. =D Oh and guys, my cousin still needs some help. I'm her only follower. D= So.. If you'd like to follow her, please do! She has some interesting stuff to say! Here's a link to her blog. (: http://scenicbecky.blogspot.com/ ^_^ 

Okay, random quote time. Today I'm going to do a couple of quotes from Harry Potter 7.1. First one is when George loses part of his ear. Fred: How you feeling, Georgie?  George: ....Saint-like.  Fred: ...Come again?  George: Saint-like. *Points to ear* I'm holey.   Hahaha, love it! <3   Second quote is when Ron comes back, after leaving Harry and Hermione.  Ron: Hey.  Hermione: You... Complete arse, Ronald Weasley! You show up here after weeks, and all you have to say is hey?!    Haha, Harry Potter is fab. (=

Now for the fun fact / tip. (= I'm going to do a fun fact today. 
Chow Chow Dog
© Copyright - I do not own this photo, I got it from - http://my-doggy.com/articleview.php?id=110
The only dog that doesn't have a pink tongue is the chow.
                                                                                                    Love you all! ❤
    Dormy Saz  

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  1. Hahaha i do have interesting things to say.. i just want more followers so i have someelse to write about that people may request instead of quotes my edit and my day..unless i think of something myself but yeah....LOL i was going to use that quote with Ron coming back after leaving but im like nahhhhh ill do this one haha. and i love chow chows when theyre puppies especially :)