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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sunshine! :D

Hey guys! 

So.. It's nice and sunny outside today, although the day started out really horrible and cloudy D= .. So glad the sun decided to come out and play though! Ahh I love the sun, its so bright and shiny, and warm. 

I've been watching the squirrels outside today, and trying to get some good shots, but they move so quick! And they aren't coming quite as close today as they did yesterday. I threw some nuts out for them though, so hopefully that will entice them to come a bit closer. ^_^ 

Did some washing up too! I love washing up! Mainly because of the bubbles made by the fairy, haha. I'm a big kid at heart. =P  I was watching some more Yu-Gi-Oh yesterday, and found a couple of pretty funny quotes. One of them is in a scene where Yu-Gi and his friends are talking to a young girl and her father.. Or grandfather.. One of the two. XD But anyway the funny bit is as follows: Téa: "Is this one of the five tests that tablet was talking about?"   Old Guy: ".........."  Joey: "Something tells me the old guys not talking."  Tristan: "Gee wizz captain obvious what gave that away?"  XD Funny right? RIGHT?! Okay.. Maybe its just me. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the next one. =P 

I'm going to try and do some more photography later, if the squirrels and birds come out to play. (= See what I come up with. And now for a fun fact! This fact is to do with photography, and its something I learnt off my very good friend Gabs. So, here it is: 
Tree In The Sunset
Copyright © - I am the owner of this photo

When taking a photo try to split the scene or person or whatever it is you are photographing into three even lines both vertically and horizontally, and try to keep the subject of the image on one or two of these lines. It makes the picture very lovely to look at. When taking a photo of an animal or person, try to make one of the lines go between the eyes and the nose. This is called the Rule Of Thirds.

                                                          Love you all! ❤
                                                               Dormy Saz

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