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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Very First Post!

Well, hello guys! 

This is my very first post, so I think I should just explain what it is I will be doing on this blog. ^_^

Everyday I will just basically go through what I have done throughout that day, any interesting points. I may even add in a quote or two that I find amusing. For example. From Yu-Gi-Oh (Yes. I watch Yu-Gi-Oh, deal with it) Joey Wheeler: "Time for you to be schooled in the fighting tactic of Joey Wheeler.. If you can't beat them, run for your life!" Got to love it. <3 

Also, at the end of each post, I am going to post either a fun fact, or a fun tip. The tips will be to do with photography, drawing and editing, as these are three things that I absolutely love! And I will also add a photo of a drawing, photo or edit that I myself did. Hopefully these will help you with your drawing, photography and editing. (: If not then I apologise. And the fun fact will be just that. A fun fact. And I'll add a photo or picture to go with the fact or tip. (: For example. 

Tess The Dalmation.

Copyright © - Jenna Knight Owns This Photo - And Gave Me Permission To Use It. Her  Labrador's Site: 
"A dalmatian doesn't get its spots until it is 3 - 6 weeks old."   Fun right? :D 

Hope you enjoy my blog!

                                                    Love you all! ❤
                                                         Dormy Saz


  1. Why thank you! Hopefully they will help people learn things. :D x