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Monday, 7 March 2011


Hey guys.

I'm munching on dorito's whilst I type this. Nom nom. =P So yummy <3 I made two phone calls today. One for my mum, and one for me, about my dispute with the job centre. Who are annoying me greatly now. They said they can't do anything, and I basically have to wait around for a letter to see if they change their mind. SO ANNOYING! 

Also, I'm loving the weather! It's so amazing <3 I want the weather to stay like this forever! It must! Or I'll be upset. D= Because, its so much nicer then cold, or rain or any of that annoying stuff. AND! I did some self portrait photography today, which meant posing.. As you do. And actually got some nice ones. So yeah, fun times. 

I'm going to do quotes today that Michael McIntyre says in his shows. =P First one. You have to come up with this shit every year. Last week I just wrote ‘I still love you, see last years card for full detailsLmao! I love him so much. =P And second quote. I’ve got a little baby, I made him…He doesn’t speak, he’s 2…He’s a slow learner, he’s only got 2 words…car and map…I’m slightly worried he’s trying to escape. If his next word is passport we are in serious trouble!  Haha. Love it. =P 

And today I'll do a tip about editing. (=
Photo before edit.
© Copyright - I am the owner of this photo.
Edit without HDR-ish.
© Copyright - I am the owner and sole editor of this photo.
Edit with HDR-ish.
© Copyright - I am the owner and sole editor of this photo.
When you are using the neon effect on picnik.com on an actual photo, it comes up with more details and markings when you use the HDR-ish effect first. Obviously it's all down to general preferences though. =P  

                                              Love you all! ❤
                                                   Dormy Saz

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