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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Day After.

Hey guys.

So, my birthday is over, but it was loads of fun! I'm not spending a fun day of sitting in bed watching Friends. Most amazing series ever! (= It makes me giggle every time. My favourite character is Joey, then Chandler, because they are both absolutely hilarious. I'm enjoying some yummy cake whilst I watch it too. =D

Onto the quotes. First one is from friends, and it is when Joey gets a hernia. And one of the other guys walks in, I can't remember which, but they ask what's wrong with him.  Chandler: Joey's got a really bad hernia. But nothing laser eye surgery won't fix!  Haha, love it. Second one is when Chandler is panicking about the room being different and Monica killing him. As she walks in, he slams the door on her. Chandler: YOU CAN'T COME IN HERE! ROSS IS.. NAKED.   Monica: WHAT?!   Ross: What?  Chandler: Well I can't tell her that I'm naked. She's allowed to see me naked.  Ross: Why does anyone have to be naked?!   Lmao, amazing stuff.

Now for the fun fact / tip. Today I'm going to do a fun fact.
© Copyright - I am NOT the owner of this picture. I got it from http://adhistory.wikispaces.com/Cocacola
Coca Cola was originally green.

                                                         Love you all! ❤
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  1. I think i know that fun fact o.o or i hard it once before then yeah..forgot lol