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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Driving Lesson!

Hey guys. 

So today I had a driving lesson, and I loved it! I did some round-a-bout work, and also some manoeuvring. I practised parallel parking, as well as reverse parking. Also, I did a three point turn, perfectly. (=  I loved it! And with my reverse parking, there was a taxi driver in a car behind me, and when I did the parking, I got it perfectly, and the taxi driver gave me a thumbs up for it! =D Made me feel better with it. Haha. Also, I saw Mandy today, she's better, but she'll probably stay in hospital still. Also. 2 DAYS!!! I'm very very excited now. =D 

Now onto the quotes. I'm going to do quotes from Garfield The Movie. (=  First quote. *Garfield shoves Odie off a chair* Garfield: Down, dumb dog! *Odie jumps on Garfield's chair again* Garfield: Whoa... what part of "no" don't you understand? The push-off-the-chair? *Pushes Odie off the chair* Garfield: Off! I don't wanna play! *Odie jumps on Garfield's chair one more time* Garfield: Look, what am I supposed to say? Thanks, for saving my hide with Luca? Okay, thanks for saving my hide with Luca. *pushes Odie off the chair* Garfield: Get off!  Hahaha, Garfield loves Odie really. =P   And second quote. Jon: *A mouse runs by* Mouse! Garfield: No thanks, I'm full. *Mouse runs away* Jon: Get him Garfield! Garfield: *looks at mouse then back at Jon* Get him Jon.  Lmao, gotta love Garfield.

Right time for the fun fact / tip.  Today I'm going to do a tip on photography.
© Copyright - I am the owner of this photo.
When taking a photo of something such as fire, maybe try your camera on macro, as this can sometimes make the photo appear more in focus, and vibrant. (=

                                                       Love you all! ❤
                                                            Dormy Saz                                                                           


  1. You should have added a fire pic with an animal shape in it :)

  2. Well, that one was more focused so.. XD