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Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hey guys,

So, I really can't wait for tomorrow! I'm going to Scotland to see my very good friend Jenna, and its going to be so exciting and such. =D I really really really can't wait! We're going to have loads of fun, and do all sorts, and I'll be dog sitting for her too! So I'll get loads of doggy cuddles. <3 

I'm all packed and prepared for when I go, just need to do the last minute things, but its all in a little suitcase! And its a double bonus for me because I've never been to Scotland before! So it'll be the first time I'll have ever been there! Apparently its cold.. So I have to take warm clothes! Which isn't a problem anyway, but ahh, I really can't wait!! The excitement is building more and more!! =D 

Oh, and my daddy isn't feeling very well. =( He has a horrible migraine, so he's had to go and lie down. Bless him. He was up at 6 for work. Must of been hard working with the migraine. So when he got in, he had a cup of tea then went straight to bed, and is now sleeping. 

And, I love completely random conversations. Like, last night, I was up SO late, because me and Gaby were having the most amazing conversation ever about random crap. And we were lol'ing at JESUS! aka. Jack, on his pokemon game. XD Was absolutely hilarious. =P 

Now, I'll do some quotes, because otherwise I'll be going on for ages, haha. Today I'ma do quotes from the One Tree Hill series. Because its amazing. But I can't remember what episodes they were.. So there you go. Here's the quotes. First one. Haley James: The magazine pages are sticky again, little perv. Hey, Lucas! Have you been reading this? Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I don't know, Haley. Is that the "Why do I hang out with these people?" issue, because your on the cover of that, right? Haley James: Actually it's the "My best friend is an idiot" issue, and there you are.  Hahaha. Annd second one. Peyton: I heard you were naked in his car. Brooke: No, I was partially naked. At one point I had mittens on cause it was cold.   Lmao! Ahh, One Tree Hill is amazing. (=

Onto the fun fact / tip! Today I'll be doing a fun fact.
Shetland Sheepdogs
© Copyright -I am NOT the owner of this photo. I got it from http://www.unitedshelties.com/html/colors.html
Cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11 roughly: £4000

                                                          Love you all! ❤
                                                               Dormy Saz

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  1. We are looking forwards to your visit too Aunty Saz!