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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hotel For Dogs!

Hey guys! 

So, my tummy is being silly. Due to IBS playing up. I've felt like I've had a stitch all day yesterday and today, although its not as bad today, so I'm eating plenty of fruit, because dad says that'll help. So I'm taking his word for it, and if it doesn't help, then I'll blame him completely, because it's his job to take the blame you see. (= 

Also, I watched Hotel For Dogs today and I cried, because when it gets to the part where all the doggy's come out and the story of how they were found is told, I always well up, because its so sweet and loving and they are all just so gorgeous! <3 I really loved them so. (=

Oh and I decided on a new blog layout and such. Lemme know what you think of it. (= My cousin helped me chose it. I had a choice of three, and we both decided on this one. Which reminds me, she still doesn't have loads followers.. So check her page out. (= http://scenicbecky.blogspot.com/

Onto the quotes! Today I'll do quotes from Hotel For Dogs. First quote. Andi: You know, I think we might be in a little over our heads. Dave: It's four-six; we're out dogged.  Hehe, out dogged.. That's amusing in my world. And then onto the second quote. Bruce: If you look at it, dogs have three basic needs. That's- that's eating, sleeping, peeing and pooping. Andi: That's four. Bruce: No, I think peeing and pooping is one. Heather: Uh, I've stepped in both and I have to disagree.  Lmao, I really do love that scene. =D

Now onto the fun fact / tip. Today I'm going to do a fun tip on editing. 
Anime Girls
© Copyright - I am NOT the owner of this picture. I got it from www.photobucket.com
Anime Girls Edit
© Copyright - I am the sole editor of this picture.
If your doing an edit with two people in it. You need to try and ensure that the colours of their clothes don't clash with each other, but also that they haven't got the same coloured clothing, otherwise you will get confused with what part of clothing is who's. 

                                                           Love you all! ❤
                                                                Dormy Saz

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