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Monday, 7 February 2011


Hey guys,

So today I spent most of the day cleaning for my mum, then we went to the shops to buy some milk and bread. Then when we got home, I had a laughing fit. Mum had unlocked the door, and dad was stood behind it waiting. So when she opened it, he shouted "BOO" and then my mum screamed so loud and nearly fell backwards. It made me and my dad laugh so much. XD Loved it. And now I'm spending all my spare time watching Friends and reading the 4th book of The Immortals. 

Onto the quotes! Both are from Friends, once again, because I love it so much, haha. This one is where they are looking at Ross's ex wife's sonogram of his son. *Watching Sonogram* Joey: What are we supposed to be looking at?   Chandler: I don't know. But i think it's about to attack the enterprise.  Haha, I love it. The second quote is from the episode where the three girls say who they would date out of each other, and its right at the end and the guys walk in.  Monica: Hey I have a question. If you guys had to pick one of you to go out with, who would you pick? Ross: No way. Joey: I'm not answering that. Chandler: Joey..........*Everyone looks at him* No way, I'm not anwering that.  Lmao, funny times.

Now for the fun fact / tip. Today I'll do a fun tip about drawing. 
Miles "Tails" Prower
© Copyright - I am the sole drawer of this picture.
When drawing a face, you need to try to keep the facial features in proportion. So try by drawing three lines, one mid way, one half way between the top and the middle line, and one between the middle line and the bottom of the face. The middle line is where the nose would go, the top for the eyes, and the bottom for the mouth. (= 

                                                         Love you all! ❤
                                                              Dormy Saz                                                                      


  1. That tip completely confused me. Maybe cause its in the morning haha. And you are so stil cleaning..and eating. or you just dont want to talk to me >.>

  2. 5 in the morning -.- i put that 5 in

  3. Basically, draw three lines on the face, one of them being central. The central would be where the nose goes, top where the eyes go, bottom where the mouth goes. (: